First time? Here is what to expect


First time visit

Welcome to Pulteney 431, Adelaide’s first and only gay sauna. We understand your first visit can be rather daunting and overwhelming, that you may feel nervous about venturing into the unknown. Therefore, we would like to give you some guidance as to what you can expect.

When you arrive at 431 you will be greeted by a team member who will establish if you are a first-time visitor, that you are over the age of 18 (ID may be requested) and make you aware that this is a gay friendly venue. You will be invited inside to pay an entry fee, and be provided with a locker and towel. You will then have the facilities explained to you and be directed to the change/locker room. Most guys store their clothing and belongings in the locker and wrap the towel around themselves and proceed to the wet areas. It’s important you make sure your locker is closed and locked before leaving the change room and you wear the locker key around your wrist or ankle. You can also choose to wear swimwear or underwear (jockstraps are popular). You may find some guys are happy going naked, it’s a matter of personal choice.

All visitors using the facilities are encouraged to shower first in consideration of others. In the wet-area there are toilets and communal showers available. The dry sauna is located to the left of the pool and the steam room to the right. Access to the courtyard garden is also to the left where there is an outdoor smoking area.

When you feel relaxed and ready please feel free to check out our lounges and cafe and venture upstairs to our other areas.

What to expect

Patrons of the club are usually friendly and social but some are just keen to have a sexual encounter. As you explore the club you may be approached by other guys, and it is quite acceptable to indicate that if you are not interested, say so in a polite but firm manner. Just say, ‘thanks but not today’. Consent is essential and “no means no”.

Should you wish to engage remember your safe sex practices, and free condoms and lube are available in all cruising areas. We encourage guys to look after their sexual health and encourage the use of safe sex practices and PrEP. From time to time volunteers from SAMESH are available on-site to assist with advice on sex and sexual health issues. We also have a Connect Project vending machine on site that dispenses free and anonymous HIV test kits.

Fresh towels and shampoo are available on request from the reception desk.

If you are feeling a bit peckish or thirsty and wish to purchase items from the cafe simply show your locker key to the attendant and it will be charged to your key. Payment is made on your departure.

When you are ready to leave simply return to the locker room, dress and collect your belongings. Please make sure your locker is empty and locked before returning to the desk with your key and towel. Baskets are provided at the desk for your used towel. Once the attendant has checked if you need to settle any purchases the exit door will be released for your departure.

We hope this introduction has given you an insight into how ‘431’ operates and that you are equipped to have an enjoyable experience. Should you have any questions during your visit please do not hesitate to ask the team member on duty.


Still have questions?