Promotions & Events

Promotions & Events

  • NGC Nude Guys Club Tradie Party:

    Come join with NGC for a few hours of fun on Saturday 22 February 2020 from 8pm. Mention NGC at the door and for the special price of $25 gain entry to their private area where the theme is TRADIE – hi-vis, tool kits, hard hats, whatever your tradie fantasy may be. Although you do have to be visibly naked! Special pricing only applies from 7pm, private party area opens at 8pm. See the NGC Facebook website for further details.

  • E&V Night: Exhibitionists & Voyeurs!
    Party night First Thursday of the Month from 7pm-10pm. Strictly open door policy and mini-towels, fetish or naked. Lights up, strip down and strut your stuff, follow the action or be part of it.

  • Strip 8-Ball: Most Saturday nights!
    Free club entry to be won Saturday evening from around 8pm in the billiards lounge.
    Play in our friendly amateur knockout round-robin, or just watch and enjoy the view.
    Free to enter (standard club entry applies), two rounds with up to three free club entries to be won.
    Be dressed in your towel at the start, but be prepared to take it off when you’ve failed to pot 4 balls!

  • Every Wednesday is towel free from 6:30pm:
    Towel free nights are busy and fun!
    Mini-towels only – wear it over your shoulder or leave it in your locker – in all areas of the club every Wednesday from 6:30pm until close at 1am. Awe-gee, I reckon it’s warm inside!

  • Membership: Become a member for a small annual fee of $30, receive discounted entry and every tenth visit is free.

  • ‘Buddy Tuesdays’: Bring a friend and receive an entry fee discount of 2 for the price of $40. Any time, all day!

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